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The Valle Camonica is full of historical places and remains dating from the end of the last Ice- Age to the present day. There are prehistoric rock engravings remains of medieval villages, places of worship, Roman towns, churches,frescoes, and hundreds of examples of farming, industry and craftsmanship of the past.


"Terme di Boario" thermal and wellness centre

thermal stays boario terme holidays terme boario spa weekend thermal treatments boario terme hotel terme boarioThe park Resort is a place where you can regenerate your body and mind.
The spa waters spring from the rocks of the Monte Altissimo, along a long journey in which they are progressively purified and enriched with minerals and elements essential to our well being.
The Terme are a wonderful place for those who wish to improve their quality of life in a natural way:learning how to relax,tonify and detoxify the body in a the healthy, clean, atmosphere of the Park,a green oasis.
In certain periods of the year, there is also dancing in the park and concerts.


Prehistoric times, rock engravings and the Archeopark in Darfo Baorio Terme

hotel boario terme wellness hotel boario terme hotel next to archeopark darfo boario val camonicaArcheopark, Darfo Boario Terme.

A park where you can learn about the Valley in prehistoric times.





"Civitas Camunnorum" in Cividate Camuno

hotel brescia thermal hotel boario hotel boario terme thermal stays boario terme thermal holidays thermal treatments boario terme val camonicaThe Roman town in the Valle Camonica, with a Roman amphitheatre,monuments, statues, and a national archaelogical museum.
In nearby Breno there is the statue of "Minerva".





"Valle dei Magli", hystorical iron forges in Bienno

hotel brescia thermal hotel boario terme hotel val camonica hotel holidays val camonica byke friendly hotel boario terme lombardyOne of the most beautiful small towns in Italy, famous for its original iron forges.






Schilpario mines

hotel brescia boario terme spa hotel val camonica weekend boario terme special offers terme boario thermal holidays special packages hotel val camonicaA journey in the “Parco Minerario ing. A. BONICELLI” mine park will take you to underground secrets of Schilpario mines.






"Le Cappelle di Cerveno" art and religion in Cerveno

hotel brescia thermal hotel terme boario hotel val camonica val camonica hotel booking reservation hotel boario terme lombardyCerveno and the sactuary of the "Via Crucis".






Lake Iseo and Franciacorta

hotel near iseo lake brescia lombardy hotel near franciacorta brescia lombardia hotel brescia boario terme val camonica

Boat trips, bike and mountain bike in Lake Iseo area.

Oenogastronomy and wine-tasting in the world famous Franciacorta area: visit wineries and taste red, white and the sparkling wines for which this area is well known and appreciated all around the world.

Shopping in "Outlet Franciacorta" shopping center: 170 shops offer products from best italian and international brands.


hotel near montisola brescia lake iseo hotel next montisola lake iseo franciacorta brescia hotel brescia boario terme val camonicaVisit fishermen towns in "Montisola", a fascinating island located in Lake Iseo.






The Bernina Pass train: from Tirano(Italy) to St. Moritz (Switzerland)

hotel boario terme thermal hotel boario terme spa special offers boario wellness offers hotel terme boario val camonicaA spectacular panoramic tour from Italy to Switzerland: start from Tirano and reach St.Moritz in an unforgettable journey passing from "Bernina Pass" over 2000 mt high.






Montecampione, Artogne e Piancamuno

winter holidays val camonica hotel ski val camonica boario terme hotel brescia winter special offers val camonica brescia lombardySki and mountain sports in Montecampione, Artogne and Piancamuno.






Darfo Boario Terme

hotel boario terme thermal hotel boario hotel darfo boario luxury restaurant boario terme val camonica special offers hotel boario terme brescia lombardia

Darfo Boario Terme is a town located in the province of Brescia, "Val Camonica" valley in Lombardy, northern Italy.

Tourists can appreciate places of hystorical and naturalistic interest: churches, castles and archaeological remains.

"Terme di Boario" thermal and wellness centre is a landmark for italian thermalism.



Aqua Planet Darfo Boario

summer holidays boario terme hotel summer holidays darfo boario terme hotel summer holidays val camonica brescia lombardia"Acqua Planet" water park in Darfo Boario offers summer entertainment with 11 swimming pools, pic-nic area, solarium, dance floor, restaurant and bar. Open during winter as water sports facility.




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